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 Italy News #10 - April 16, 2007

 Naples - May of the monuments 2007


 April 27-May 27, 2007  

The main focus of the 13th edition of Maggio dei Monumenti is “The mysteries of Naples”. The event takes place over the course of five weekends filled with arts and culture, and topics such as: Esotericism, rituals for warding off bad luck, legends, superstition, and the cult of the dead. Visitors will have a chance to admire many monuments and private collections, which are generally not open to the public during the rest of the year. Guided visits of the historic center and special itineraries are planned for the entire duration of the event.

Argenti di Calabria 

 Cosenza, Palazzo Arnone  

Through April 22, 2007

  One hundred and eight works, many of which on display for the first time, bear witness to the history of Calabria, a land ripe with charm, culture and religion.  Thanks to this event, silversmithing, which has long been considered a minor art, reclaims its proper importance. The pieces on display are unique witnesses to past history and tell the story of the relationships between the gifted artisans, at the core of the local economy, and their refined and powerful patrons. With the precious crosses of the ‘400 and the valuable artifacts crafted in the 18th century workshops, this is the most important exhibition in its kind ever staged in Southern Italy. Argenti di Calabria was organized by the Office for Historic-Artistic and Ethno anthropological Heritage of Calabria.

Il Modo Italiano-The Italian Way

 Design and artistic avantguarde in Italy in the XX century

Rovereto (Tn), Mart

Through June 3, 2007


The exhibition ”Il Modo italiano” – The Italian Way was imagined as a moment of reflection on the complex relationship between figurative art of the ‘900 and the works of design that have always been a symbol of the “Made in Italy”. Works of art and objects of everyday life create a dialogue while art and use find a common ground in design. The event was produced by the Montreal Museum of Fine Art  in collaboration with the Mart of Trento and Rovereto and the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto. Curators of the event are Giampiero Bosoni and Guy Cogeval..


Time of  the sundial

   Florence, Musei scientifici fiorentini

Through September 23, 2007

“La linea del sole. Le grandi meridiane fiorentine - The line of the sun. Great sundials in Imagine: Disco orarioFlorence” is the title of the event which highlights the importance of the instruments used to measure time. Composed of scenographic installations, interactive models, original tools, books, drawings and a multimedia workstation, the exhibition offers three important events.  June 21 marks the inauguration in Piazza dei Giudici of a monumental sundial, at the entrance of the museum. On the same day the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral hosts a demonstration in which the sunlight will hit a marble disk installed in the XV century by the astronomer Paolo Dal Pozzo Toscanelli. This event marks the closest distance between the Sun and the Earth and will be staged again on September 23 in Santa Maria Novella.


Ossip Zadkine at Musma   

Museum of Contemporary Sculpture

Matera, Palazzo Pomarici – Sasso Caveoso

Through May 18, 2007


Inaugurated in October 2006 and hosted in the evocative setting of the Sasso caveoso, the Museum of Matera sets out to be one of the main collections of contemporary sculpture and, as such, includes works by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Jean Tinguely, Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, Giorgio De Chirico and Armand Fernandez Arman. In addition to the works on permanent display, Musma organizes several additional temporary exhibitions. Among the most important: “Calligrammes” etchings by Apollinaire (through May 18) and the Alexander Calder’s retrospective on “Santa Claus” by E. E. Cummings (May 19–June 14). y 18, 2007


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