Museums in Italy
Listed by Region
Region City Museums
Aosta Valley Aosta All Museums in Valle d'Aosta
Piedmont Turin All Museums in Torino
Liguria Genoa Genoa Museums
Lombardy Milan All Museums in Milano
Trentino Trento All Museums in Trentino
South Tyrol Bolzano Museums of South Tyrol
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Trieste Friuli-Venezia Giulia Museums
Veneto Venice All Museum in Venezia
Emilia-Romagna Bologna Museums of Emilia-Romagna
Tuscany Florence All Museums in Firenze
Pisa Museo San Matteo
Siena Il tesoro di Siena - La Maestà di Duccio
Umbria Perugia Museums of Umbria
Marche Ancona Ancona Museums
Lazio Rome All Museums in Roma
Vatican City Saint Peter and the Vatican Museums
Abruzzo L'Aquila Museums in Abruzzo
Molise Campobasso Museums of Molise
Campania Naples Museums of Napoli
Apulia Bari Pinacoteca di Bari
Basilicata Potenza Basilicata Museums
Calabria Reggio Calabria Museums of Calabria
Sicily Palermo Museums in Sicily
Sardinia Cagliari Museums of Sardinia
Themed Museums
Region City Museum
Italy various locations Archeological Sites and Museums
Italy various locations Botanical Gardens
Italy various locations Car and Motorcycle Museums
Lombardy Tradate (Varese) Gas Station Museum - Museo Fisogni
Umbria Gualdo Tadino Museum of Emigration
Lombardy Milan Museum of Science and Technology
Italy various locations Musical Instruments
Piedmont Turin National Museum of Cinema
Veneto various locations The Venetian Villas
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