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Gas Station Museum - Museo Fisogni

via Tirano 14 - 20030 Palazzolo Milanese (Milano)

  Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - noon / 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Closing days:
Sat., Sun. and in August

Access is free and must be booked by phone.

Fax 02/990013307

Official Web Site:


A few kilometers' away from Milan, the Fisogni Museum displays an impressive collection exclusively dedicated to the history of filling stations: the petrol pumps, signboards, the compressors and tools which contributed to powering the world in the last two centuries. The history of the automobile cannot be separated from these objects which, since the end of the nineteenth century, have been distributing the precious fuel.
The Fisogni Museum was founded by Guido Fisogni in 1966. During the following years the Museum became more and more important. Today the Museum is composed by more than 7500 pieces divided among gasoline pumps (150), oil tanks (2.000), equipment like oil replacement, grease-cup, fire extinguisher, air compressor, etc. (2.500) and an incredible number of accessories, gadgets and toys, having the logos of the automotive companies from the beginning of the century. The Museum provides also a very rich archive of technical design or advertising materials continually consulted by students and designers.


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