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The Lakes of Italy  

Toblino Castle - Lake ToblinoToblino Castle - Lake Toblino

Lakes of Caldonazzo and LevicoLake of Caldonazzo

The Lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico are twin lakes separated by a small hill. They have pleasant free beaches and swimming facilities. It is possible to indulge in all kinds of water sports and fish for the many kinds of fish that live in the waters.
Pergine Valsugana has pleasant Renaissance palaces and a 15th century Castle, with many interesting rooms. The Gothic Parish church is attractive. From this town excursions in the green Valsugana valley, full of hot baths and wooded areas, can be made.


Lake TovelLake Tovel

Lake Tovel is a jewel fixed at an altitude of 1,178 m in one of the most unspoilt landscapes of Trentino. There are small gravelly beaches which are pleasant to walk along. Until a few years ago it was famous for the summer reddening of its waters, due to the presence of a certain algae. Pleasing excursions can be made in the surrounding woods.


Lake LavaroneLake Lavarone

Lake Lavarone, was a favourite resort of the Austrian Imperial Family from the 19th century and was also visited by Freud and other important figures. It is the cleanest lake in Italy. In the surrounding area there are trenches and fortifications of the First World War.


Lake LedroLake Ledro

Lake Ledro to the east of Lake Garda, was created by the blocking of a moraine from the ancient glacier of Garda. Its waters are full of fish and are of a splendid green colour. They have yielded evidence of human settlement here in the Bronze Age.

Wonderful excursions in pastures and meadows can be made around here. There are sporting facilities, and there are shops which sell handicraft products.

Molina di Ledro
is a peaceful town with an interesting Museum, well known in Europe for the artifacts from a lake village of the Bronze Age.

Lake Toblino

Lake Toblino is perhaps the most romantic lake in the area. Famous poets and painters found inspiration for their best works in this place. Set between immense snow-covered mountains it is 242 mt above sea-level and has a surface area of 670 thousand square mt. It is an ideal base for excursions on foot or by mountain bike.

Castel Toblino rises on a rocky outcrop which reaches into the lake and is covered with trees and plant life. This castle is famous for the tragic passion between the prince-bishop Carlo Emanuele Madruzzo and the young Claudia Particella. Today the castle is partly converted into a restaurant where one can sample the local specialties.
Lake Molveno

Lake Molveno is 4.4 km long and 1.5 km wide. Reflected iLake Molvenon its clear green waters are the fantastic Dolomites of Brenta, which attracted many famous persons, united by their passion for the mountain. The mountaineers Francis Ford Tuckett and Edward Theodor Compton and the writer Antonio Fogazzaro stayed here, as did the king of Belgium Albert I and his son Leopold.

Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella are well equipped summer resorts, also popular for winter sports. An excursion to the Paganella mountain (m 2,125), with its wonderful panoramic views, can be made.

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