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The Lakes of Italy            

Lake Misurina

Lake Santa CroceLake Santa Croce 

Lake Santa Croce is the largest natural lake of the Veneto, surrounded by the Alpine scenery of Alpago. It is a summer windsurfing and sailing centre and the ideal base for excursions in the surrounding mountains, above all to the famous Bosco del Cansiglio.


Lake Auronzo

Lake Auronzo

Lake Auronzo is another summer sports centre (with international canoeing and motorboat competitions). It provides an unparalled view of the Tre Cime (three peaks) of Lavaredo. On its northern shore there is the town of Auronzo di Cadore with its 18th century Church of Villapiccola.


Lakes Revine and LagoLake Revine

Lake Revine and Lake Lago are two small lakes, separated by a narrow isthmus. It is possible to swim in them and make canoeing and boat trips.

Follina has the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria, founded in the 12th century by the Cistercians.


Lake Misurina

Lake Misurina is at an altitude of 1,745 m within a superb alpine landscape, dominated by the

Tre Cime of Lavaredo. The lake and surrounding area are popular for holidays and are an ideal

base for excursions in the woods and pathways. Not far off is Cortina d'Ampezzo, one of the

most important Dolomitic tourist centres.


Lake Alleghe

Lake Alleghe was formed by an immense landslide in 1771 which changed the course of the C

ordevole river. It is now one of the main tourist areas in the province of Belluno. When the

water is particularly clear it is possible to see one of the three villages which were

submerged in the catastrophe. There are pleasant lake-side walks and sporting facilities.


Lake Pieve di CadoreLake Pieve di Cadore

Lake Pieve di Cadore was also formed by the blocking of a river, the river Piave, in this case by the hand of man. It is worth making a visit to the nearby town of Pieve di Cadore, which is in a sense the "capital" of the area. In its historical centre there is the

Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità (l5th-l6th century) which houses the Paleoveneto Archeological Museum. Near here is the house where the painter Tiziano Vecellio (Titian c.1490-1576) was born


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