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The Lakes of Italy               

Lake of Varese

Lake of Varese

Lakes of Varese's Territory

Lake Varese is surrounded by undulating hills and there is a small island, the

Isolino Virginia, near the western shore. The lake is fed by various underground springs.

Towards the south numerous minor roads and pathways lead to an area with many

marsh plants, small lakes and ponds.

Varese is a delightful city in the midst of a green area, with many gardens and splendid

 villas. It is full of interesting monuments and artistic and nature excursions can be made

in the surrounding area to places such as the Sacro Monte (Holy Hill), the Monte Campo

dei Fiori, with its observatory which is open to the public, the Lido di Varese (lakeside)

and the towns of Luvinate, Voltorre, Bizzozzero, and Bisuschio. This latter possesses the

XVI century Villa Cicogna Mozzoni, in the midst of a splendid park.

The Isolino Virginia has picturesque woods for romantic walks and the Prehistory

Museum of Villa Ponti, with the various artifacts found in the area, is worth a look.

Within a few kilometers of the lake there are picturesque sites and places of great

artistic interest. Castiglione Olona has many art treasures. Castelseprio is an

archeological area, and Torba (close to Gornate Olona) is an ancient Longobard setting.

On the coast, Biandronno and Cazzago alternate narrow country courts and the elegant residences of the families

that decided to spend their time in these delightful places.
Monate and Comabbio have remained calm basins where one may relax and enjoy the nature of the hills.

The expanses of Ghirla and Ganna, instead, are set within the mountain area, protected by typically Pre-Alpine relieves.


Lake Lugano

A place-name that hints at Switzerland but that tells stories of Italian waters and

shores, divided between the Varese and Como territories. If one were to examine

its shape, one might say that nature has amused itself by tracing a complex chain

of gulfs, loops, and ramifications. Lavena and Ponte Tresa, at the western end,

from the very first Roman colonizations, have always been the battle field for contro

l over the bridge joining the two opposite shores.

On the quiet road, remote if compared to traditional crossings, one reaches Porto

 Ceresio and the southern tip of the lake, where the coast points north and in the

 direction of Swiss territory. Once again Italian shores are those

of Campione d'Italia, the city famous for its international casino, and beyond, that of the deep loop of Porlezza,

where the shore of Val Solda so dear to Fogazzaro opposes the wild promontory of Santa Margherita, a medieval

 crossing which is now completely won over by vegetation.

Valsolda, with the defended fractions of Castello and Dasio and the lakeside, and Porlezza, with its ancient village,

 were connected to the road about halfway through the last century, and they have maintained the features of remote

villages. Nearby, the Romanesque church of San Maurizio rises on the slopes of Monte Galbiga: buried by a landslide,

it was only recently given back to the faithful, who may admire its Romanesque lines.

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