Fegato alla veneziana
(Liver venetian style)
This is a very old recipe found for the first time in the book "Apicio Moderno" published in Venice in 1790. The most well known recipe is for Venetian style calf's liver (pig's or ox liver may also be used).  
Region: Veneto
Preparation: Easy
Serves: 4 people
• 14 oz (400 g) Calf's liver cut into strips;
• 1 lb 1 1/2 oz (500 g) White onions;
• 10 1/2 oz (300 g) Butter;
• A bunch of parsley, chopped;
• Salt and pepper;
• Half a cup of water;
• Half a cup of olive oil.
Chop the onions finely and put them in a pan with the butter and oil. Cook slowly, adding a few spoonfuls of water, for about half an hour. Add the liver and cook briefly over a hot flame. Remove from the heat, add the salt, pepper and parsley, stir and serve with very hot polenta.
Offal was a staple ingredient in early Venetian cuisine because at that time nothing was thrown away. Plenty of meat was served at meals daily and at private and official banquets: furred and feathered game, farmyard animals. There were strict rules governing which foods could be served and what was to be done with the leftovers.

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