Christmas Markets in Italy


Christmas Markets in Italy are popular both with the locals and visitors from abroad. A visit to an Italian Christmas Market is one to remember, whether it be the Piazza Navona in Rome or one of the smaller Italian Christmas Markets in the Italian Alps, for example the Trentino region. Elaborate crib displays and nativity scenes are a pride of Italy


and they can be found on display at many Italian  Christmas Markets. The stallholders will have mouth-watering displays of local food and drink plus of course the usual array of locally manufactured seasonal gift items. Among foods, sweets top the list of the crowd's most beloved treats.







Valle D’aosta City of Bard



Bussolengo (Verona)


Massa Martana( Perugia)


Gergei  (Cagliari)

Custonaci   (Trapani)





Bolzano                         TOP

November 26th –December 23rd 

The Christmas Market in Bolzano is one of the most famous in Italy and one of the most visited in the Alpine area. On the occasion of the market, numerous squares host stands with local craftsmanship and food products .The traditional market takes place in Piazza Walter, with numerous collateral initiatives.
In Piazza del Municipio, the Craftsmanship Market is enlivened with local craftsmen, offering manufactures in ceramic or carved wood, hand-made products, from embroideries to jewels to wooden and glass items, the choice is really endless!
Three squares will be involved in solidarity initiatives.
During the Christmas Market some of restaurants of Bolzano and San Genesio offer, to fixed price, their characteristic menu. The menu reveals the extraordinary combination between the typically European kitchen and the taste of the Mediterranean tradition.

Merano                         TOP

November 26th – January 6th

Merano is renowned for being a city of relax and well-being. The visit of Christmas Markets in the Old Town can be a good chance to re-discover the town spas, or to end the day in complete relax. The whole town is embellished in occasion of the Christmas event, and especially at night, the streets are surrounded with a magic atmosphere.
The offer of products is very wide and able to satisfy everybody. It ranges from craftsmanship to knitted goods to pastries. For lovers of biological products, wool pullovers and wooden items are available, but also the most gluttons of you will find an adequate reward in the tasty delicacies served in bars and local restaurants. A moment of the year much evocative one, in which the scents of the wine brulŔ and the Christmas pastry shop are stirred to the sounds of music and the traditions of the Advent. The Christmas Market of Merano, with its exhibitors, proposes many ideas for the Christmas, from Christmas decorations, to the slippers in cooked wool, the ceramics, and the statuette in wood, the toys and the typical pastry shop.

Trento                     TOP

November 20th – December 23rd

The atmosphere inhaled in Trento during the Christmas period is unique: biting cold, snow-covered peaks in the background and the Market’s twinkling lights. Decorations, craftwork, presents, traditional products and much more from the wooden huts under the ancient walls of Piazza iera.The city of Trento is really fascinating in Christmas time. The mediaeval old centre, Buonconsiglio Castle, the Dome situated on one of the most beautiful Piazze of Italy, are really worth to be visited. One of the main highlights of Christmas time in Trento is, however, the Christmas Market, venue for which is the impressive Piazza Fiera.








Vipiteno                        TOP

November 16th 2010 – January 6th

The Christmas Market of Vipiteno is a popular meeting point in Christmas time. It takes place in the centre of the city, in the shades of the famous Torre delle Dodici tower, which really seems to supervise happenings on the lovely market. The characteristic bays at the fašades, provided with Christmas decoration, convey a very special flair and the cozy illumination at night-time makes this market even more romantic. Another highlight of the Christmas Market of Vipiteno is of course the Christmas crib exhibition with handmade products in the Torre delle Dodici. The market booths spread all over the city offers a wide variety of ideas for Christmas presents, sweet Christmas bakery and much more.







Valle D’aosta City of Bard                          TOP

December 6th

This is the 3rd edition of “noel ou bourg “(Christmas at old district) at the beautiful location of Bard. The castle fortress of Bard in Valle d'Aosta (Aosta Valley), in 1034, it was described as "inexpugnabile oppidum", in one of the oldest references to a castle in Val d'Aosta. The city presents one of the most beautiful and spectacular winter holiday light shows.

It is the celebration of the 'Noel au Bourg' taking place from December 6 to January 6, 2010. The fortress of Bard, a magnificent structure, is transformed into Christmas atmosphere, complete with a grand nativity scene, spectacular lights, and music. 







Torino                          TOP

December 5th -23rd  

The colorful Turin Christmas Market is held every year in the piazzas and gardens of Bourg Dora, within the Maglio and Ciliegi courtyards. Market stalls and nearby shops open daily, with music, theatre and activities for children at weekends. All shops in the area of Borgo Dora stay open during the whole period of the Advent, in concomitance with the opening of the market stand, whereas restaurants and pubs offer Christmas menus for the whole duration of the markets. The markets in Piazza Dora do not only offer stands with Christmas and gastronomic products. At the weekends the youngest visitors can have some fun in recreational areas purposely created for them.





Livigno                             TOP

November 27th - December 24Th

This is one of the most famous Christmas market in Lombardia area. The city is situated in the very north of Italy, next to Switzerland. The really winter landscape make more emphasis for the typical Christmas market.   Between the wooden houses of the "Christmas Market" there will also be the possibility of trying the alpine pastries with a vin brulÚ (spiced warm red wine) to warm body and soul. The exhibitors will offer you a big choice of products to decorate your home during Christmas time or for a special present to give to a special person once back.

You will be able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere through scents and traditional music. 






Flover Christmas village in Bussolengo (Verona)                     TOP

November-December 2010

The huge village of flover is already arrived at his 14th edition. It’s the biggest Christmas market of Italy with more than 7 thousand square meters indoors.  The village is situating at garden flover in Bussolengo, around 10 km from Verona. One of the most exciting things of the market is the small hand-crafted shops. Everyone offers high quality handmade gift with the original and unique shape. The atmosphere is magic and all around reminds the fantastic world of Christmas, included elf and gnomes.  









Roma                       TOP

November 26th 2010-January 6th 2011 

Piazza Navona, home to the spectacular Fountain of the Moor and the Fountain of Neptune, is where Rome's biggest and most traditional Christmas Market takes place. Meet Santa Claus, nativity scenes see and browse the many stalls for Christmas goodies. To top it all, on 6 January the Befana herself, a benevolent old woman, comes along to hand out presents to good kids and coal to the not-so-good ones. To top it all, on 6 January the old witch herself, a benevolent old woman, comes along to hand out presents to good kids and coal to the not-so-good ones.
There are various events in and around Piazza Navona throughout the Christmas period.There are various events in and around Piazza Navona throughout the Christmas period. Kids can visit Santa Claus and parents can wander around in the happy and expectant holiday atmosphere of the market, taking in the sights and smells, munching biscotti , torrone and other Christmas delicacies. Kids can visit Santa Claus and parents can wander around in the happy and expectant atmosphere of the holiday market, talking in the sights and smells, munching biscuits, nougat and other Christmas Delicacies.












Massa Martana( Perugia)                      TOP

December 24th 2010 – January 6th 2011

Umbria is the place of innovation and tradition, this wish to unite the resources of the modern with respect for the old - for nature, for the environment, and for people and their lives - permeates all of our activities. The small village of Massa Martana during Christmas time relive as one of the most fascinating religious place. The first attraction of the village is the wide variety of Christ’s nativities, from the common in wood to innovative and beautiful ice. The local craftsman every year made some nativity statues for the village with creativity and elegance.   The citizens are waiting the events with passion and the attachments for them culture. 








Christ’s nativity Napoli                         TOP

Naples offers a lot of shops with creative nativity figurines in all variations. Besides the Jesus- and Madonna figurines you will also find detailed copies of all household objects, gastronomic delights, exotic animals, and sometimes even caricatured politicians.

During Christmas time, more than half a million tourists come to see the shops with the original miniature figurines and the shops in this street are especially busy.
However, the most shops are open all year round and you can take your time and have a look around after New Year’s. A good period to visit the street is in September November, when all the handicraftsmen start to prepare their shop for the busy Christmas time.







Gergei: crib traveling (Cagliari)                     TOP

December 24th

Against the backdrop of the Monte Serra and Clara Trempu, Gergei, small town inland from Cagliari, honored Christmas traditions with an evocative representation of the Nativity.Nella notte del 24 dicembre si svolge infatti la rappresentazione del presepe vivente itinerante. On December 24th will takes place because the representation of the nativity scene traveling. Vicoli, stradine in pietra, archi, cantine, granai e stalle del centro storico si animano per ospitare l'evento e fanno da sfondo alla Palestina di duemila anni fa, qui rappresentata dai personaggi in costume d'epoca, dalla ricostruzione delle ambientazioni e dai magici giochi di luce delle torce e delle fiaccole. Alleys, narrow cobblestone streets, arches, cellars, barns and stables of the old town come alive to host the event and are the background to Palestine two thousand years ago, here represented by characters in period costume, including the reconstruction of environments and magical play of light of torches and candles. The crib traveling enacts the journey of the two holy spouses, whose soul is passing, as the village with its inhabitants, the representation of ancient crafts and daily life scenes. The Crib traveling ends in the square of the parish of St. Vitus, where the hut is prepared to welcome baby Jesus, played as usual, the last born of the country. Dopo la ninna nanna cantata da Maria, si assiste in chiesa alla la solenne messa di mezzanotte. After the lullaby sung by Mary, attends church at the solemn midnight mass. Infine, tutta la comunitÓ si riunisce intorno ad un grande fal˛ per scambiarsi gli auguri e consumare bevande calde e pietanze tipiche del Natale. Finally, the whole community gathers around a bonfire to exchange greetings and enjoy hot drinks and meals typical of Christmas.

Custonaci Crib (Trapani)                          TOP

Inside the Mangiapane cave, houses, stables, sheep pens and chicken coops constitute an authentic rural village. Shepherds, farmers, craftsmen and artists re-enact daily activities from the past The Living Crib of Custonaci is considered to be the most important promotional event for the trades and popular traditions of Sicily and for this reason in 2006 it was added to the Register of Intangible Heritage, one of the 100 intangible properties of the Region of Sicily.
The event, which is organized by the Cultural Association "The Living Museum" of Custonaci and is in its 28th edition, is known throughout the whole of Italy for the unusual fascination of its images, as well as its originality, the dignity and the pathos of its characters and its emotive evocations.







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