Caciucco alla Livornese
(Fish Chowder)
This delicious traditional fish soup is very simple to make but as with all other fish soups the original recipe has been - even locally - modified. For this reason even in Livorno itself you can find many different variations but this recipe is the truest fishermen’s representation.  
Region: Tuscany
Preparation: Easy
Serves: 6 people
• Scorpion fish, tub-fish, small smooth hounds, morays, conger eels, mantis prawn, weevers, small cuttlefish or octopus
• Chopped garlic (plenty)
• Hot red chilli peppers 1 or 2 (large)
• Chopped tomatoes, peeled or preserved
• Salt
• 1/2 glass of wine (usually red)
• Toasted slices of bread rubbed with garlic
Place the oil, plenty of garlic and hot chilli peppers (ginger) in a frying pan and fry gently. Just when the garlic begins to golden put in the small cuttlefish and the octopus already cut into pieces and leave to cook with the lid on. When these fish are cooked add the wine and leave to evaporate. Add the a few chopped tomatoes and/or some tomato purée along with a little water.

Season to taste with salt and leave to simmer for a short time. Then add the rest of the fish chopped and simmer until everything is cooked. Then in a dish, place the pieces of toast, already rubbed with garlic and cover with the fish soup.
Zuppa di pesce (Fish Chowder), the name of which changes according to regions, such as caciucco ciuppin etc., does not have basic rules of preparation, but it is born by the obvious necessity of working with the least priced fish aboard fishing boats, or from customers who, at the last minute, bought whatever was left over from the daily catch.


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