Brasato al Barolo (Braised beef in Barolo)
This is one of the classic, elegant Piemontese dishes, and really does require a good bottle of Barolo to come out right. Save it for a special occasion, and you'll be quite pleased with the results...  
Region: Piedmont
Preparation: Medium difficulty
Serves: 4 people
• 2 lb 10 oz (1200 g) beef chuck roast;
• a large slice of lard;
• 2 carrots;
• 1 stalk of celery;
• A bay leaf;
• two cloves;
• 1 cloves of garlic;
• a branch of rosemary;
• 2 cinammon sticks;
• a pinch of thyme;
• 2 soup spoons of tomato paste;
• 1 bottle of Barolo wine;
• Some broth;
• 1/2 cup Brandy;
• oil, salt, and pepper.
Slice the lard in narrow sticks and insert them in the meat with a lard needle. Place in a casserole, pour the wine over the meat, add the chopped vegetables and herbs and marinate for one night. Heat a few spoons of oil in a casserole and add the drained meat, browning lightly on each side. Add the marinade and boil until it is reduced, thin the tomato paste with a bit of broth and add to the pan, salt and pepper lightly and cook over a medium flame for about three hours. If necessary add broth during the cooking.

When done drain the meat, place on a plate and keep warm. Reduce the sauce over a high flame, pass through a sieve and add the brandy. Slice the meat and cover it with some of the sauce, and place the rest in a gravy boat.
Piemontese cooking is among the best of the Italian regions. Great wines come from here and it's not a coincidence that the land that produces a great wine also produces a great cuisine.


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